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Telehouse West is now live for waves and ethernet circuits

Our Docklands and London City fibre ring DWDM upgrade is now complete offering lower price waves and ethernet circuits

Bogons Bunker Bogons have purchased a 25000+sqft northern building to be our first datacentre and media archive site. Follow our tweets @BogonsNet for more news as we work on conversion

EoFTTC now available. FTTC speed, ethernet convenience, true all you can eat business internet.

Check your line now...

Bogons' Network
Bogons operates a resilient network design, based on Cisco routers and switches over a metro dark fibre ring. Multiple transit and peering connections spread over different routers and sites ensure that connectivity is maintained even in the event of a router failure, and also during scheduled network maintenance.

All our network links, both internal and external are provisioned as a minimum of 1Gbps, with key links at 10Gbps, to ensure that capacity is available where you need it, when you need it.

Our network is fully multicast and IPv6 enabled, ensuring that we stay at the fore-front of Internet Protocol futures.

Our Network - as at December 2014

Peering with Bogons
Bogons operates an open peering policy, and is keen to peer with ISPs, either publicly at a common Peering Point, or privately at a common site. We are especially keen to peer with networks offering multicast transit or to end users.

Bogons peers as AS3213, announcing AS-BOGONS, and we maintain our routing policy in the RIPE database.

Peering Point Connection Type Connection Speed Connection Site IP Address
LINX Unicast '224' LAN 1Gbps RBSOV
Unicast '226' LAN 1Gbps THDO
Multicast 1Gbps RBSOV
LONAP Unicast 1Gbps THDO
Multicast (Vlan 5) 1Gbps THDO
IPv6 1Gbps THDO 2001:7F8:17::C8D:1/64