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Telehouse West is now live for waves and ethernet circuits

Our Docklands and London City fibre ring DWDM upgrade is now complete offering lower price waves and ethernet circuits

Bogons Bunker Bogons have purchased a 25000+sqft northern building to be our first datacentre and media archive site. Follow our tweets @BogonsNet for more news as we work on conversion

EoFTTC now available. FTTC speed, ethernet convenience, true all you can eat business internet.

Check your line now...

Operational Status:
29-08-2017 15.40 former AB Internet network Manchester transit port is down cutting off the whole network from the internet. Working with Cogent to resolve this, long term this will be replaced with Bogons network though all the links to the regions come through one provider in Manchester too. Lots to fix here. 29-08-2017 16.45 temporary workaround in place, may not be 100% reachability but most shoudl start coming back shortly 29-08-2017 17.35 well that was a surprise, the reason it went down was the andminstrators told them to cease the service rather than transfer it to us. We now need to rush round the other suppliers and see if they have had the wrong info too